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Our Wines



A very complex white wine with a hint of oak. Perfect for fish or white meat.
Grape: Chardonnay $6.00 Glass | $18.99 Bottle

Grindstone White

A delightfully sweet dessert wine similar in style to the French Sauternes, but made from the most popular native Niagara grape.
Grape: Niagara $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle

Geneva Blanc

A very fruity, semi-sweet and fun wine, perfect for social drinking.
Grape: Niagara $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle


German style. Slightly sweet, lots of flavor.
Grape: Riesling $6.00 Glass | $16.99 Bottle


A dry white wine with a crisp, light taste.
Grape: Cayuga $6.00 Glass | $16.99 Bottle


Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry Red Wine full body

Grape: Cab Sauv $6.00 Glass | $18.99 Bottle


Semi Dry Red wine, fruity fun wine, closest to a merlot

Grape: Fredonia $6.00 Glass | $17.99 Bottle

Grindstone Red

Sweet, dark red and fruity. Very similar in style to the Italian Lambrusco.
Grape: Concord $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle


A dry red wine with a hint of cherry.
Grape: Chambourcin $6.00 Glass | $18.99 Bottle

Geneva Rouge

Semi-sweet and fruity, full of bold Concord grape flavors. Perfect for Sangria Coolers or mulled wine.
Grape: Concord $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle


Geneva Blush

A light, fruity pink wine, similar to the White Zinfandel.
Grape: Catawba $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle

Grindstone Pink

A sweet wine with a fine, fruity flavor. An excellent wine for Sangria Coolers.
Grape: Catawba $5.00 Glass | $15.99 Bottle


Geneva Summer Berry

Sweet wine, made with grape, blueberry, red raspberry & black berry wine.
Bottle $16.99 | Glass $6.00        SLUSHIE $8.99



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