Our Wines


White Wine


Chardonnay: A very complex white wine with a hint of oak.  Perfect with fish or white meat.
Grape: Chardonnay $6.00 glass | $17.99 bottle

Cayuga: A dry white wine with a crisp, light taste.
Grape: Cayuga $5.50 glass | $16.99 bottle

Riesling: German style.  Slightly sweet, lots of flavor.
Grape: Riesling $5.50 glass | $16.99 bottle

Geneva Blanc: A very fruity, semi-sweet and fun wine, perfect for social drinking.
Grape: Niagara $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle

Grindstone White: A delightfully sweet dessert wine similar in style to the French Sauternes, but made from the most popular native Niagara grape.
Grape: Niagara $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle

Blush Wine


Geneva Blush: A light, fruity pink wine, similar to the White Zinfandel.
Grape: Catawba $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle

Grindstone Pink: A sweet wine with a fine, fruity flavor.  An excellent wine for Sangria Coolers.
Grape: Catawba $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon:
Dry, full-bodied red wine with a hint of oak.

Grape: Cab. Sauv. $6.00 glass | $17.99 bottle

A dry red wine with a hint of cherry.

Grape: Chambourcin $6.00 glass | $16.99 bottle

Geneva Rouge:
Semi-sweet and fruity,  full of bold Concord grape flavors.  Perfect for Sangria Coolers or mulled wine.

Grape: Concord $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle

Grindstone Red:
Sweet, dark red and fruity.  Very similar in style to the Italian Lambrusco.
Grape: Concord $5.00 glass | $13.99 bottle
                                                               Fruit Wine
Geneva Summer Berry: Our newest, sweet wine made with grapes, blueberries, blackberries & red raspberries                $5.50 glass | $15.99 bottle

Sangria Coolers:
  Turn any bottle of wine into a refreshing sangria cooler.  We add fresh squeezed lemon, lime, & orange with a cool refreshing Sprite over ice!

Bottle price plus $2.99
Glass price plus $1.29
Taste price $.50 each 

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